Concept Wedding Films

A wedding is a special event in one's life and special events need special attention. Our modern day fast-paced lifestyle does not permit sifting through lengthy footage of all the wedding functions. Once the special day is over, the lengthy and boring footage sits idle while life moves on. So how do you make your special moment exciting? How do you revisit your fantasy wedding? Concept Wedding Films ensure that you are the Star at your wedding. We make a film that is short, thematic and enjoyable while capturing your essence and moments most precious to you. This is a perfect gift that you can give to yourself and to your guests because your day deserves to be cherished. This is not just a film, it is the story of your special day which you can treasure for the rest of your life!


  • 1. 5 – 30 minutes duration

  • 2. 2-3 minutes movie promo/trailer

  • 3. Bollywood style Docu-drama if you choose

  • 4. Real moments made into a film

  • 5. Bride and groom decide the concept, style, cast & music

  • 6. Cast decides to speak what they wish to.


  • 1. A dream home, requires a professional architect. Likewise, a dream wedding film requires professional crew.

  • 2. Gone are the days when amateur photographers that ran studios in your locale were asked to take photos at weddings and while they were at it, shoot a video as well. Film Making is an art and technically different from still photography. A still picture is one frame whereas moving picture is shot at 24-30 frames/second.

  • 3. Once the wedding is over, your special outfit is put away in a box. The decoration and the flowers are thrown. The food is eaten, the drinks are gulped and the guests are gone leaving you with a hangover. So what remains with you once the party is over? The gifts, the memories and hopefully your spouse! Lets capture them forever (disclaimer: we only capture memories… the gifts and the spouse are for you to handle)

  • 4. Jokes apart, GET the MEMORIES of YOUR special DAY captured on film so that walking down memory lane is just a click away. Liberty Pictures, a highly creative, technically sound and professional film production house captures all this for you! Get your wedding day captured by us…